Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Skogen - Svitjod

Genre : Folk black metal

Maybe Skogen have some pagan elements in their sound... and usually I wouldn't recommand such a genre. But there's some very mature feeling in this release, not to forget a sincere black metal, with strong riffs, powerful vocals, and anything else you could ask. Sure there's some viking influence in there, but it's definitely not meant in a happy and childish way. Maybe it just comes from the swedish vocals which remind of that genre. Maybe it comes from the couple male choirs that appear from time to time, but in a very unusual way for such a genre, those are well-executed. At least, this album gives a new hope, and is interesting as a good non-gloomy non-depressive folk black. Svitjod is really an album you should listen to.

Vinterriket is a very pleasant, slow and epic listen, and you may enjoy Midnattens glimrande stillhet for some more agressivity. And follow Skogen on Facebook.

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