Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Woe - Quietly, undramatically

Genre : Post-black metal

Woe's effort is the kind of album where you want to headbang like crazy... at times. Even if most of the time uncredibly energic and dynamic, it sometimes suffers some letdowns, let's say it right now. Actually, it's easily forgiven, since when you aim at delivering such a blast, you can't physically keep it up for 40 minutes. But if you take the best from the album, sure it's a very pleasant listen, even refreshing, may it be black metal. Actually, their sound take some roots from old school hard rock and punk, with the same kind of hard riffing and huge rhytmics. Drums follow that influence too, with enough breakdowns and speed changes in order to stay catchy all the time. A clever choice, that's for sure. Vocalist makes a similar effort, switching from black vocals, to death ones, to clean ones at times. The clean ones are almost punkish at times too, but definitely enjoyable. Only wrong thing with that release, in fact, are those little letdowns, some songs don't keep this dynamic feeling up all the time, and those parts are sadly something that breaks the experience. But there's still a nice lot of intensity, which deserve a listen!

The road from recovery and Quietly, undramatically should give you a real blast, if you enjoy the genre. And follow Woe on Facebook.

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