Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lantlôs - Agape

Genre : Post-black metal

Well, Lantlôs is quite praised in the genre, and even if there's some possible arguing about the actual genre of that recent release, I will once again keep things easy and simple, and tag this with post-black only, although there sure is some doom/sludge influences... Whatever. The fact is that this album features a deep and dark sound, still urban-influenced in some way, but definitely mature, almost disturbing at times. Vocals are extremely passionate, sincere, emotional, and well, fit perfectly as a matter of fact. Instrumentation is most of the time minimalistic, crushing and heavy, yet there are some amazing clean parts, moslty featuring jazzy effects because of deep, profound bass lines that creates a real identity. However, this isn't the only element or influence when it goes soft, as clean guitars create a somewhat cold post-rock sound, perfectly suiting the atmosphere. An album that is difficult to get into, but that also means its attempt at being bleak is a success.

Check out cold and harsh Intrauterin, and peaceful, jazzy You feel like memories. And follow Lantlôs on Facebook.

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