Monday, November 14, 2011

Altar of plagues - White tomb

Genre : Post-black metal

When it's about urban-influenced post-black, Altar of plagues are kind of gods. Gloominess, despair, frost, darkness, those are some atmospheres White tomb depicts very successfully, with a rich, highly melodic post-black metal, including a subtle touch of agressivity which is never too much for the theme. I will spare you the details, music is perfectly mastered, including awesome drumming, cold guitar melodies, powerful rhythms and bass lines, and godly-arranged, deep and bleak vocals. Also, atmosphere is made even stronger with the use of clean parts, using kind of acoustics played well enough not to give too much warmth to the genre, and some ambient sounds. A reference in the genre, a flawless record, which doesn't need more words than that.

Opener Earth: As a womb and follower Earth: As a furnace set the mood. And follow Altar of plagues on Facebook.

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