Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meniscus - War of currents

Genre : Instrumental post-rock

There isn't anything new here. It's instrumental post-rock the usual way. But it's worth being listened to, as it's quality music nonetheless, with a nice amount of energy. Adding some talk samples, psychedelic or math rock elements around is a good idea, too, but it's not the major part of the album anyway. So what's left? A great instrumental sound, that's for sure. Everything is played and produced correctly, and bass is especially rich and worth mentioning, although we'd surely enjoy some other unexpected, crazy influence. Don't get me wrong, War of currents is still a superb album, which you should definitely check out. It's not a matter of creativity, either, as tracks are perfectly composed. It's just a genre we've already heared before. But post-rock is hard to re-invent, and we're always pleased to hear some more, aren't we?

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