Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fanisk - Noontide

Genre : Atmospheric black metal

If a short disambiguation feels needed, I really don't care about any political influences artists may have, nor do I care how nice and cool they are in their own lives. I'm just focusing on music here. And which music for that case. Totally atmospheric, Fanisk's black metal is deep and ambient, not using much lyrics in the end, those ones being carried with agressive and deep shrieks kept as a background. Drumming can get a little annoying at times, but most of it is a musical masterpiece, with enough breakdowns and rhythm changes to carry a big load of intensity. Not to forget the typically weird influence here! Some kind of electronics, like video-game midis are included in the mix. Said this way, it sounds scary, but believe me, in the end it's pretty amazing...

... you should confirm that with Part III (excerpt).


  1. Hi, i know you said that political stuff doesn't influence you but for me, putting a great big swastika on your album says more than teh actual music. load of bunkem really, but thats choice isn't it...........

  2. Well, I can't disagree, it is. Now, should it really matters? I mean, in a world where catholic priests rape children by dozens, is a swastika on an album cover the most horrible thing to be seen? I don't think so. I think that assassins like Burzum's "mastermind" are far worse, without any swastika anywhere on his album, just because he's acting instead of "saying". It's better to display something bad, than do something bad. Once again, I'm not at all encouraging this kind of behaviour or political point of view. Yet, I don't think it's really awful in the end.