Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vindensång - Terminus: Rebirth in eight parts...

Genre : Folk black metal / Neofolk / Drone

Terminus: Rebirth in eight parts... is a very complex and rich album, merging different genres of music (which makes it hard to tag properly), not just as "influences" but as real entities. What I mean, is that this release moves from neofolk, to black metal, to drone, from song to song, with coherence and mastery, but this is also what makes it difficult to get into it. Let's say it, you've got to pay attention and really listen to Vindensång's album, it's not something you can play as a background, for you really need to get into the music to truly get its meaning. In musical terms, this album is mostly neofolk and drone played as some kind of dark ambient, with unusual structures. However, this isn't limited to this, as there are some non-ambient songs, mostly in a black metal vein, still folk-influenced. Vocals are often whispers or quietly spoken words, kept as backgrounds, but there also are some black vocals from time to time. Still, black metal elements are a minor part here, and it's definitely not agressive music. An album that's hard to describe, and difficult to listen to, but definitely one of the most mature releases ever.

In order to hear those different genres, you can check out Ashes and memories for some drone-esque neofolk, and The origin: The point of return for more black metal elements, but be aware that this album has other kind of sounds. And follow Vindensång on Facebook.

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