Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cloudkicker - The discovery

Genre : Instrumental post-metal / Math metal

Cloudkicker is all about technical, experimental guitar work. Also, those phase shifts in drumming are the first thing that made me understand what math metal was. Only relying on guitar, bass, and drums, Cloudkicker is an approach to some kind of progressive music, with a good load of energy inside of it. Of course, if you're looking for ambient stuff, this isn't the best record to check out, as it's more a matter of technicity and unusual riffs and beats. However, some sounds can create an interesting modern atmosphere. But it's definitely worth a listen for guitar and drums lovers, or just for people who enjoy uncommon song structures, without falling in some really weird, almost disturbing genre like some other do.

Yay for a couple listens! Enjoy Dysphoria and The discovery for example. The discovery is available as a free listen and download on bandcamp.

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