Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dråpsnatt - Hymner till undergången

Genre : Folk black metal

Grim. That's the first word coming to my mind with this album. Under a somewhat pagan sound lies a mature folk, not just nature-influenced, but definitely cold and well-balanced between traditional melodies and agressive soundscapes. Sure, like I said, it has pagan elements, mostly coming from the swedish vocals often associated with that genre, but also in the song structures, fast beats, deep clean vocals and folk melodies. Yet, Dråpsnatt don't fall in the ridiculous beer-drinking happiness that has become so usual in the folk scene. I mean, you can't really use hateful shrieks while telling your love for life and booze, can you? And there, vocals are really worth being told about. Incredibly agressive and passionate, almost inhuman, those will probably be what will make you love or hate this album, as you can completly share vocalist's feelings and love those, or get annoyed by the loud, overwhelming presence it sets. But to me, those are indeed a strength to Dråpsnatt's sound. Sharpened distorted guitars are also a great part of the album, which sadly hide bass lines a bit too much at times, but how agressive and intense those are, too. And still, pianos and acoustic parts successfully shine, with solid and intense interludes. All in all, a very talented release!

Opener En ensam sol går ner and the agressive Arvssynd are good choices to check if this album suits your taste. And follow Dråpsnatt on Facebook.

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