Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lönndom - Viddernas tolv kapitel

Genre : Neofolk

Former folk black band, Löndom switched to acoustic music with this release, and that didn't prevent them from doing a great work. Keeping male choirs and traditional swedish singing, they set an interesting neofolk, closer to traditional music than just acoustic nature-bound soundscapes. Therefore, they mostly use cold melodies and atmospheres, along with nature-sounds samples. In terms of instrumentation, it's mostly guitar-driven. Vocals are the most unusual part, as those are not always meant to sound "good". What I mean with that, is that Lönndom are not afraid to keep it very close to traditions, with that kind of campfire singing, when nothing was meant in a technical way. For sure, you'll need to get used to those viking-esque vocals before enjoying this album.

Would you mind giving it a listen, Höstdagar and Skaldekonst om ljusets återkomst are really nice songs. And follow Lönndom on Facebook.

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