Friday, November 11, 2011

Solanaceae - Solanaceae

Genre : Neofolk

Would you enjoy warm neofolk with deep male vocals, Solanaceae's effort is going to please you. Apart from a single song with ethereal female vocals (which I won't complain about although I don't see why it's here), this album delivers simple, sometimes minimalistic guitar-oriented neofolk with nice ambient sounds and deep, warm, strong vocals, sometimes adding other layers. This album features no drums and a few other instruments, including flutes and violins, but their occurences are most of time welcome, since they add interesting atmospheres to the sound. In that case, it perfectly suits the idea of the record, and most of the songs here are highly enjoyable, successfully merging melancholy and some kind of warmth, mainly because of the typical vocals, making for a versatile, rich and intense release.

You may want to listen to Hemlock and Mandrake fields and I saw her through the pines if I didn't make enough sense.

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