Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rosetta - A determinism of morality

Genre : Post-metal / Sludge

Usually, I'm a bit reluctant to sludge, as most bands in the genre play very linear rhythm guitars, with the same loud and heavy chords. Vocals suffer the same lack of passion for many bands too, behind unexpressive and boring in the end. Rosetta avoids all those flaws in a row. Musically speaking, A determinism of morality delivers a huge lot of energy and still stays catchy, powerful drums being the first thing to mention, but not to forget guitars that keep it melodic, yet incredibly heavy at a time. Of course, bass adds layers to this rich sound, and all this makes for a rich, intense instrumentation. Vocals, if they typically belong to the hardcore genre, surely come from the heart and sure done with a lot of passion, contributing to the insane energic feeling of this record. Sure those are loud, intrusive most of the time, but that's how the genre goes. And how it should sound. Cleverly enough, Rosetta also added softened, slower instrumental interludes, or some clean singing, in order to break monotony. A well-thought, and perfectly built album, in the end.

If you enjoy the genre, just dig Ayil and the slower, melodic Revolve. And follow Rosetta on Facebook.

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