Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jakob - Cale:Drew

Genre : Instrumental post-metal / Drone

We've already been talking about Jakob here. Well, they're for sure one of the most interesting post-rock/post-metal acts nowadays. At least, they really set a coherent and solid atmosphere, not falling into childish or boring sounds. Maybe it is because of the drone-esque influence in their mix, the cold, yet rich melodies, or the stunning walls of sound they use. Sure, labelling Jakob with only post-metal is not enough to tell how deep their sound is, as they don't go the dreamy way, but more the darker, deeper, mature way into instrumental ambient music. However, that doesn't mean there's non-stop distortion here, as tracks often switch from light and clean melodies to crushing chords and drones, back and forth. And that's what makes it so intense.

Don't get what I mean? Just listen to what I mean, with Controle and Semaphore. And follow Jakob on Facebook.

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