Friday, November 4, 2011

Immanu El - They'll come, they come

Genre : Post-rock / Dream-pop

Take the most ethereal post-rock you can imagine, and add, on top of this, dreamy and calming vocals. This is a mixture that's not so unusual, however Immanu El seem to master this one quite well. Of course, do not expect blasting riffs or lightspeed drumming, this would be off-topic here. Still, this release offers a nice load of intensity, in some way, as it doesn't get repetitive or boring (once you like that kind of music, that is). And if you enjoy restful music, beautiful melodies, yet not falling in a childish atmosphere, I'd say you have to dig this album a little.

Check out Home and I know you so well for a taste of it. And follow Immanu El on Facebook.

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