Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gottesmorder - Gottesmorder [EP]

Genre : Post-black metal

Gottesmorder, with their self-titled EP, deliver an intense and skillful release. Actually, they can compete with the references in the genre, considering how good is their effort. If you're to listen to it, expect bleak and cold soundscapes, with that typical post-black urban and desolate feeling. Guitars are distorted all the way, resulting in huge walls of sound, drumming is intense, and atmosphere is perfectly set with ambient drones that shatter any possible remaining light. Vocals are perfectly arranged on top of this, resulting in powerful growls, never too loud, neither too weak. A solid, coherent and mature release.

Check out both the songs on the EP, Winternight and Abyss of throats. And follow Gottesmorder on Facebook.

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