Friday, February 10, 2012

Skogen - Vittra

Genre : Folk black metal

What makes Vittra a wonderful album is obviously Skogen's ability to merge folk sounds, pagan influences and black metal shapes into a solid and consistent release. I already said this before, but I don't think that northern mythology and viking tales are meant to be associated with happy sonorities. Therefore, I tend to promote mostly melancholic folk black metal, which is the case here. One could call it dark, too. Whatever. Skogen found a brillant recipe, associating perfectly-mixed black vocals along with distant male choirs which definitely throw in some melancholic touch, as well as catchy riffs and melodies. Some of them can tend to repetitions from time to time, but it's not a serious flaw since they're all mostly enjoyable. This album also successfully merges dark folk with pagan feelings, too, and most of the songs feature real epic parts. That's what is brillantly done with their melodies actually, the way they carry melancholy and epicness at the same time is incredible.

Please, check out a couple masterpieces, like Skuggorna kallar and Under fullmÃ¥nens sken. And follow Skogen on Facebook.

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