Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rauhnacht - Vorweltschweigen

Genre : Folk black metal

For a somewhat underground band, Rauhnacht are able to create well-produced music, with a skillful black metal and nice folk elements. However, it seems that black metal and folk elements are not enough merged together. Some black parts are driving overlong even with background acoustics, and if looking for an atmospheric release, we're a bit disappointed sometimes. And those folk melodies are great most of the time, so we would surely enjoy if those were shining a little more in the mix, as stand-alones. Still, this album creates interesting, cold and dark atmospheres quite successfully. And Vorweltschweigen is nonetheless intense, avoiding clichés that roam around folk black metal. Instruments shine with great quality and mastery, vocals seem a bit unpersonal at times, lack some passion in a way, but are still done correctly. A fine release, with some excellent parts, that gets better after a couple listens.

Check it out with Vorweltschweigen and Das letzte Licht. And follow Rauhnacht on Facebook.

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