Saturday, November 19, 2011

Corde oblique - Respiri

Genre : Neofolk

Sometimes, neofolk is minimalistic with only acoustic guitars. However, this is not the case here, and Corde oblique rather sets an extremly rich neofolk, featuring guitars, violins, pianos, drums, female and male vocals, with many kinds of singing. Also, influences are diverse, including some brand of medieval, classical, baroque sounds at times, or more oriental music at others (possibly because they're actually italian). Tagging this neofolk is quite tricky, however it's definitely folk, I can say. Well, one flaw in their sound, and possibly the only one, could be the bad accent on english singing. Apart from that, Respiri never gets boring, is extremely diverse and rich, calm and melancholic at times, faster and happier at others. An intense listen, that's for sure, which should please any folk lovers.

Two songs are not enough considering the multiple facets of this album, but check out Dentro and Eventi. And follow Corde oblique on Facebook.

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