Friday, November 25, 2011

Wolves in the throne room - Two hunters

Genre : Atmospheric black metal

To be honest, I'm not in all the buzz around some bands, and Wolves in the throne room are one of these black metal bands that create much hype all around. However, I won't do as some people do, pissing on such bands just because they're popular. All in all, I just mean this band is worth being mentionned here as they fit the blog idea, but I won't rate them above the others, anyway there are no marks here. Also, there's a possible arguing in their genre, yet they're playing atmospheric black metal with minor folk elements (call it "cascadian" if you prefer), and considering how things are made here, it's the best category for this album. Oh well, much talk and yet I didn't say anything about this album. Two hunters is truly a gem, gathering many facets and standing as a nearly perfect atmospheric black metal release. Vocals are maintained in the background with high reverb, creating a strong atmosphere, and guitars combined with drums create a bleak effect that perfectly suits the record. Thus, what we've got here is a darkened, not so agressive, but strongly ambient black metal. Guitar melodies, female vocals, but also fillers and interludes are elements worth being mentionned too, as they contribute a lot to the atmosphere, and break main metal phases before they get boring, as those are still much repetitive at times.

Check out Cleansing with its ethereal female vocals and the intense, epic, beautiful I will lay down my bones among the rocks and roots. And follow Wolves in the throne room on Facebook.

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