Thursday, November 24, 2011

Musk ox - Musk ox

Genre : Mostly instrumental neofolk

As opposed to what is usual in neofolk, Musk ox features long instrumental tracks instead of short ones. However, the elements used there are the ones we're habited to, including pianos, acoustic guitars, nature-sounds samples... At first, it's a bit confusing to have such melancholic cold pianos coupled with somehow warm and more joyful guitars, but in the end it's quite well-arranged and creates atmosphere changes successfully. There are also vocal parts, done an ambient way which makes lyrics hard to get. That isn't bad anyway, as it lets the music talk by itself. Apart from this, Musk ox is quite an usual neofolk album, with a real breath of fresh air in it. A superb and perfectly done nature-bound sound, with huge melodic parts that carry real emotions through clever musicianship.

Take a listen to it, with Entre la terre et le ciel and Sur une infinie route de terre. And follow Musk ox on Facebook.

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