Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cloudkicker - Loop [EP]

Genre : Instrumental post-rock

Cloudkicker changed genre for the last two releases, including Loop. This EP is very special and unusual, as it features 16 instrumental tracks, each consisting in a single riff, describing different kinds of atmospheres. Also, it's important to notice it is only guitar-driven, acoustic for the biggest part, including some electronic effects at times. Loop successfully creates a chilling moment, with its ethereal, melodic, and catchy untitled riffs. Yet, guitar melodies are perfectly executed, as Cloudkicker's skills are not to be demonstrated anymore. Something that's standing out of standard songs composition, setting a relaxing atmosphere. No reason not to give it a try.

Check out 1 and 3 for example. Loop is available as a free download and listen on bandcamp. Also, it is meant to be listened to with enabled 10-12s crossfades between songs, according to composer, to have tracks melt into each other.

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