Monday, November 28, 2011

If the trees could talk - Above the earth, below the sky

Genre : Instrumental post-rock

Landing perfectly between post-rock and post-metal, thanks to an appropriate management of clean and heavy parts, one can say that Above the earth, below the sky is a huge success in the genre. It features some dreamy, soft ethereal parts, and sometimes switches to a more energic, distorted sound, just when it feels needed to break repetitive song structures. Again, these guys aren't especially innovative in the genre, and some parts obviously lack imagination, they sticked to post-rock roots for its usual structures, but still decided to create some rich, energic and melodic sounds overall. Such versatile instrumental post-rock deserves attention and listens, and if there's not much to say, there's definitely much to enjoy.

Check out What's in the ground belongs to you and Below the sky, stunning pieces of post-rock. And follow If these trees could talk on Facebook.

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