Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From oceans to autumn - Return [EP]

Genre : Instrumental post-metal

I've been talking about From oceans to autumn more than once, and I still think they're definitely overlooked. They've been putting out some very good releases recently, and their last EP, Return, is once again a fair proof of their skills. They still follow the same scheme, except that there are no vocal samples this time. Yet, there are once again big, deep ambient soundscapes, and still this subtle mix of guitars, drums and bass, this latter being really audible compared to most post-rock tracks, and in that case, it's a good thing. Return is somehow more coherent than many instrumental releases, since it keeps things in the same atmosphere. It mainly consists in two songs, the first one is more ambient, the second a bit heavier, yet both stay in the same spirit, and the ambient one is definitely intense, with its wavering guitars. A real highlight! Trust me, give that one a shot, you'll be impressed by how it successfully merges everything that make a good instrumental ambient song : sweet layers, deep soundscapes, and ethereal feelings.

Check out Ascending and Descending, the main pieces of the EP. And follow From oceans to autumn on Facebook.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Panopticon - Kentucky

Genre : Folk black metal

To tell you the very truth, I wasn't really fond of Panopticon before. Sure I enjoyed the last opus, Social disservices, yet... there was something too blackish and not enough atmospheric for me. And that wasn't really "folk black" before, you'd agree. However, Kentucky is a big surprise. A good one. An excellent one! This album is just a masterpiece, because it's so complete. Full of folk, traditional american melodies with a nordic touch, with some top-notch black metal, each sharing its place with the other perfectly. No seriously, aside from any skill, it's just perfectly balanced in every possible way. But skill is there too. Melodies are catchy and awesome, vocals are deep and rich, well... And did I told you about the thematic? Songs just fit so much with each other, and... Please, allow me to stop. I could congratulate this all night long and it'd be pointless, since you're going to listen to it, and love it.

Check out Black soot and red blood and Bodies under the falls, yet be sure you will enjoy the awesome fully folkish interludes in the album. You won't regret. And follow Panopticon on Facebook.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kroda - Schwarzpfad

Genre : Folk black metal

Kroda is quite popular in the black metal scene, and I would agree to describe it as pagan black. Here, let's consider it as rawer folk metal, just because it doesn't have the melancholic, poetic touch observed in some of the bands I've been talking about here, yet it has some intensity which shouldn't be missed, successfully merged with folky melodies played a great way. Schwarzpfad features both beautiful folk melodies and aggressive black metal, and for a very positive note, those are perfectly arranged together! To me, it's the best aspect in this album, since many pagan black metal tend to play folk and metal quite separately. Hope I make sense. Technically, Schwarzpfad is very nice too! Vocals sure lack some emotion, but they're strong and well-balanced in the mix, melodies are great and avoid the usual "dissonant-pagan-chords" flaw. Pagan choirs are good enough, metal arrangements are totally black metal, and sometimes, it's a real pleasure! Least we can say, is that this is a rich and intense album, which definitely deserves being digged.

Come on, give it a shot. Schwarzpfad I (First snow) or Schwarzpfad II (Heil Ragnarok!) are good picks to start with.