Saturday, October 8, 2011

Year of no light - Ausserwelt

Genre : Instrumental post-metal / Sludge

Some call it sludge, or doom, but I will just say that Ausserwelt is one of the most awesome instrumental gloomy and despaired metal I've ever come across. First, it's completely guitar-oriented, with very few keyboards, and ambient parts are more played through drones than with synths. Songs have quite unusual structures, featuring long parts with tortured guitars, crying riffs and urban-like sounds, diving deeper and deeper into a world devoid of light. Guitars are sometimes played high and fast, then they switch to harsh, loud and low rhythms, not to forget the awesome droning parts. It's hard to describe how well they fit with bass and drums to create a desperate atmosphere, but I can ensure it's a masterwork, and there are very few records that would be able to bring you such emotions, if you enjoy sick and dark music, of course.

Get a taste of those feelings through Perséphone (Enna) and Perséphone (Coré). And follow Year of no light on Facebook.

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