Sunday, October 2, 2011

Neun Welten - Destrunken

Genre : (Mostly instrumental) neofolk

Although Neun Welten plays strict neofolk, it's not hard to witness some typical metal influences there, such as the use of blastbeats, or strong bass lines. Still, carrying with them many classical instruments and a violin in the foreground, those guys appear to be one of the richest neofolk bands around. Not to say "the more instruments there is, the better it is", but Neun Welten give us a strong and versatile, yet not boring at all release. Very few vocals here, but the appearences of both female and male ones give even more diversity to the album. If you enjoy calm folk and violins, they should definitely please your ears.

Destrunken and Tau are amazing pieces of music. Check those out! And follow Neun Welten on Facebook.

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  1. I love Neun Welten, namely Destrunken ! My favorite song of them, I think.