Monday, October 10, 2011

October falls - The womb of primordial nature

Genre : Folk black metal

The womb of primordial nature is simply divided into four untitled chapters which consist into a deep journey through black metal and nature, getting darker and more agressive towards the end. Although folk parts are often strictly cut from the black metal elements, there are plenty of rich melodies here, and clean guitars keep playing behind distorted ones. Guitars keep singing and singing during the whole album, and the softened clean guitars parts are warmly welcomed to spare this deep autumnal forest feeling. However, that awesome guitar work is not the only strength of the album, as drums and bass are very interesting too. Vocals could have more strength (which will be the case in A collapse of faith), but they're still really good, and perfectly mixed, so the volume balance doesn't suffer any flow.

What else to say? Let's listen to Part II and Part IV now. And follow October falls on Facebook.

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  1. I know some song...a great band!! I love Heavy Metal, and Folk Metal particulary!
    I know a lot of Folk Metal bands like Eluveitie, Battlelore, Ensiferum, Furor Gallico, Kivimetsän Druidi, Chthonic, Arkona...which are very awesome!!

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for your comment. I'm happy if you enjoy October falls, I know the ones you mention although I'm not gonna post those here, as they're more in a "happy viking" feel, which is not the topic on this blog. :) Anyway, I mostly aim at posting underground bands, instead of popular ones.