Friday, October 7, 2011

Self-inflicted violence - A perception of matter and energy

Genre : Post-black metal

Many bands are trying to mix post-rock with depressive black metal and they often fail. Self-inflicted violence, however, makes a pretty good attempt with that release. A perception of matter and energy features quite a calming atmosphere, a catchy and dreamy post-rock sound with tortured vocals, which, if they're not the best ones ever, are kind enough not to be proeminent in the mix, and yet really passionate, which fits the album pretty well. All this makes the tracks go with a soft sound, unusual when we're talking about black metal, mixing interesting melodies with a fine amount of beautiful riffs and a warm melancholy. It's also worth mentioning the amazing piano outro, which definitely deserves a listen!

I would recommand Artificial phenomenon and the aforementioned outro, Realisation. And follow Self-inflicted violence on Facebook.

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