Saturday, October 8, 2011

Waldgeflüster - Herbstklagen

Genre : Folk black metal

Dear blog, I've been digging underground folk black metal today, in hope to find a new gem to share with you. Sadly enough, this scene seem to be the wonderland of all musical crimes, and my ears have really suffered in the process. Therefore, I'm back to tell you a little more about Waldgeflüster instead. Herbstklagen is their first album, and if it has less folk elements that we could ask from it, it's definitely a strong record with powerful sounds, powerful vocals and powerful atmospheres. The couple folk parts here have a real autumnal touch, and all in all we feel like thrown in a gloomy and foggy forest quite quickly. Definitely a very good record in the folk black scene, but be sure to like black metal enough to appreciate the raw parts.

The highligths here are Herbst befiel das Land and Wotan song. And follow Waldgeflüster on Facebook.

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