Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hypomanie - A city in mono

Genre : Instrumental post-metal / Shoegaze

Hypomanie's A city in mono is a really interesting instrumental release. Here, guitars are distorted at the highest, and they create powerful and impressive walls of sounds with crushing soundscapes. Also, bass is very loud most of the time, which contribute to the feeling of a trampling music that really makes its way into your body in mind. Song structures are mostly repetitive, mostly regarding drums, and that combined with the sound's strength makes you travel in cold, wide and empty dimensions, that which, however, feature a light of hope at some point, using samples with higher notes. Definitly an unusual listen, recommanded for who's not afraid by high huge distortions.

Maybe You never gazed at the clouds yet, but just do so and Smile (ok, that was ridiculous, but you've got your listenable links!). And follow Hypomanie on Facebook.

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