Monday, October 3, 2011

Trifonic - Emergence

Genre : Post-rock / Trip-hop / Electronic

Now this is a very unusual album. It's hard to say if Trifonic is trip-hop with post-rock influences or the opposite, but anykind, this is a band which shows that genres are not enough to talk about music. This album has a good half of instrumental songs, the others featuring female vocals that are typical of the trip-hop scene. The electronic elements melt with post-rock ones so well, that it's hard to say if the sound has an electronic source or not. Be sure you enjoy trip-hop and are not reluctant to electronic music before diving into that one, but once you go through that, you will sure have a pleasant listen!

Check Sooner of later first as it mixes post-rock, trip-hop and vocals in a row, and maybe Good enough for some male vocals. And follow Trifonic on Facebook.

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