Sunday, October 2, 2011

Todtgelichter - Angst

Genre : Post-black metal

With Angst, the guys from Todtgelichter have released a very personnal and unusual album. Taking its roots deep into black metal, Angst features many other elements to mix in, such as post-metal influences, dynamic rock-oriented female vocals, and strong riffs which at times remind some death metal structures. Drumming and guitar playing are worth a very good mention too, as they deliver a godly performance throughout the whole album. On top of this, male vocals are incredibly sincere and emotional. The result is a much richer sound than what we're habited to, with catchy melodies and an urban feel that should stick in your head a long moment. Such a clever, melodic and intense release is something rare, mostly considering the fact this album has virtually no letdown at all. Definitely an incredibly solid record you shouldn't wait to check out.

Neon and Phobos & Deimos should be the best ones to confirm if this album suits your taste. And follow Todtgelichter on Facebook.

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