Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nhor - Nhor

Genre : Instrumental neofolk / Ambient

Nhor is much of an underground project, setting a brand of neofolk highly influenced by ambient pianos. Therefore, guitars are a minor part there, and the main lines are played by a high-reverb piano, giving a real feeling of emptiness. Add this to the fact it's played the saddest possible way, without any vocals, all this creates a huge feeling of loneliness. Nhor is able to set a melancholic, even depressive atmosphere just through a couple notes. But hey, this is not an ugly sadness, no, you know, it's that kind of pure ethereal beauty that'd make your heart feel like it never did before, yet a melancholic way. Piano lovers, don't miss that one, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Words are not enough for this, just dive into The branches are gathered or Giantess, and enjoy. And follow Nhor on Facebook.

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