Monday, October 3, 2011

October falls - A collapse of faith

Genre : Folk black metal

With A collapse of faith, October falls deliver one of the greatest neofolk influenced black metal albums of all times. They already released pure neofolk albums in the past, so their experience in that genre is quite obvious. But the added black elements are really well incorporated in this album too, including catchy riffs, strong, yet not proeminent vocals, epic structures and folk instruments such as clean guitars and pianos. What is most impressive here are the constant melodies that carry on throughout the album. As such, A collapse of faith is a incredible journey through gloomy landscapes and nature, with a huge lot of emotions. A must have for neofolk and black metal lovers.

Enough words, you should really, I mean, you must listen to Part II and Part III right now. And follow October falls on Facebook.

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  1. Ah, October Falls ! Wonderful. I was wondering when you'd talk about it. :)