Monday, March 5, 2012

Ygg - Ygg

Genre : Atmospheric black metal

Ygg is amazing. Not something we've never heard before, to be honest. But something we want to hear again and again as we enjoy black metal. Jew harps and distorted walls of sound are the first striking elements here, the first one appearing quite often, the second one successfully merging melodic soundscapes and ambient backgrounds. But vocals and drums are worth a special mention, too. Vocals, because they're strong and raw, mostly thanks to the Ukrainian language, but also because of singer's ability to make it wild and raw at a time. Drums are especially nice for avoiding the "non-stop blastbeat" which would quickly get boring. And yet, they're not played with obvious and omnipresent breakdowns, more kept an ambient way. But the first drumming line is still very energic and adds a lot to the catchy side of this record. All those things perfectly arranged and mixed make this a very solid ambient black metal release, with huge soundscapes, but also a fair amount of heaviness. Dark, wild, and moving.

Self-titled song Ygg is an obvious highlight. Ритуал is also an amazing song. And follow Ygg on Facebook.

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