Saturday, March 10, 2012

Draugnim - Northwind's ire

Genre : Atmospheric black metal

Heavily synth oriented, Draugnim's effort couldn't be described a better way than with epic and majestic black metal. I promised myself not to make comparison between bands on this blog, just like rating albums, I don't like that. But Draugnim sounds quite close to a much appreciated synth-oriented black metal band which name begins with a S...! Major difference, though, is that Draugnim relies on many blastbeat parts. And all this is perfectly executed. I mean, synths lines are beyond epic and successfully merged with guitars, drums and vocals. Vocals are kept at a distance, making this definitely atmospheric. Melodies are huge and synths arrangements are well-done, since those parts don't have that ugly "computer-sound", but cast a real atmosphere instead. Guitars are easy to notice, yet they do not shine with any particular riff, since melodies are carried by synths here. But Draugnim explore a genre which is, in the end, not so common. And they did it right.

Opener Moonpath is completely stunning, and Toward the dusk is surely worth a listen too. And follow Draugnim on Facebook.

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