Friday, February 17, 2012

Darkenhöld - A passage to the towers

Genre : Black metal

Technically, this is much more pagan-oriented metal than melancholic folk black. However, as good pagan metal became something quite rare, I felt like sharing that one, especially since it's really not popular, where it would deserve to. So, what's this record? It's some raw, agressive black metal, which however feature lots of good riffs, rhythm changes, and "headbangable" drumming. And sometimes that's all we want, right? Do not expect many soft parts, since the few ones are just the usual black metal "clichés" (not to mean anything bad), meaning a quick intro track and some interlude. However, besides the epic black metal vocals, some clean ones shine with quality. Synths make a good job too, giving quite an epic atmosphere, without being proeminent. All in all, expect some impressive pagan black metal, surely lacking melancholy and nature beauty, because that's not the point here, but giving out a nice lot of energy and agressivity. And sometimes, that's pretty cool!

Highlights : Ghouls and the tower, Darkenhöld.

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