Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Addaura - Burning for the ancient

Genre : Atmospheric black metal

In a way, Addaura's newest release is calming and ethereal. An agressive way. Something which could be observed as a letdown, naming non-stop blastbeating, makes the music actually somehow airy and light. Not sure if I make sense, but this constant, quick heartbeat, kind of carry its listener through a world depicting grandeur, desolation, and melancholy at a single time. This atmosphere is reinforced with the strong, deep vocals, which are undoubtedly a reference in the genre. At least, those are filled with emotion, maybe a little hint of despair, like some cry coming from far away, raw, wild and strong. It's hard to explain how blastbeats and vocals perfectly fit together to create a catchy and ethereal atmosphere, but it's an obvious win. And guitars, how can I forget those? They work as walls of sounds mainly, yet melodic ones, and there are some chords on that release which will easily get stuck on your head for a while. Burning for the ancient features four really long songs, maybe a little overlong at times, but this is for sure a clever part of an atmospheric black metal album, which turns out to be one of the most melancholic around, considering its well-done structure and production. And monotony is successfully broken with some unexpected parts, like female airy vocals or droning, doomy moments.

City light (in still dark forenoon silence) and its catchy melodic line is a must-listen here. Solace beneath a greying sky is an other highlight, check it out. And follow Addaura on Facebook.

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