Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dirge - Elysian magnetic fields

Genre : Post-metal / Sludge

Crushing, heavy, deep and dark. That's sludge. Vocals are very sludge, too. However, those succeed into not being annoying, enough in the background, with a strong reverb, and coming as short verses with long instrumental parts between. Moreover, some melancholic clean vocals add a serious versatility to this release, breaking its monotony, successfully making it ethereal, hypnotic, yet catchy. Elysian magnetic fields still sets a strong gloomy atmosphere, because it's quite downtempo, it's loud, sometimes despaired. But it keeps quite a good melodic part, thanks to interesting riffs and well-done ambient synths, making the whole release a very nice record, actually one of the best in the genre.

Cocoon is a great song to start with, with a crushing, epic ending. Check also opener Morphée rouge. And follow Dirge on Facebook.

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