Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Endless melancholy - Memories [EP]

Genre : Instrumental ambient

Piano and violin, that's all. In terms of instrumentation of course, because Memories is more than that when talking about emotions. Depending on your mood, it can easily express either melancholy, or beauty. However, I'd rather go for the first one through those slow, never-ending notes. But hey, aren't melancholy and beauty quite linked, anyway? Music here successfully demonstrates than such emotions do not necessarily need depressive black metal to be spread. Memories features eight short tracks, completely instrumental, with both instruments : melancholic piano and depressed violin. Most of the time, it's really minimalistic, and that won't be something to blame, since the compositions do what they intend to : talking to your heart the easiest possible way.

Just pick a couple songs and see : Secrets long forgotten and These waters remember our smiles for example. And follow Endless melancholy on Facebook. Memories is available as a free download and listen on bandcamp.

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