Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Syven - Aikaintaite

Genre : Folk black metal / Neofolk

A side project from kantele-based neofolk band Nest, Syven is for sure reminiscent of that kind of sound... Yet, there are some new elements around, and besides the kantele and the shamanic drumming, a couple black metal elements have appeared, with deep, distant shrieks and heavy chords in the background. That doesn't imply all of the usual black metal elements however, as you cannot hear a single blastbeat or any really aggressive part in here. Call it softened black metal with deep, dark traditional neofolk, for a more precise description. Vocals feature a really wide range of atmospheres, switching from clean, inspired solo vocals, yet somehow reminiscent of nordic traditions, alongside with some deep male choirs and distant shrieks, those ones being a minor part to be really honest, as black metal is only kept as a little influence here. And that's not so bad, because melodies are totally stunning and worth shining, easily taking the listener to a state of contemplation and meditation when clean, and easily giving you shiver when switching to distorted riffs. An incredible, chilling and emotional release, without any doubt.

Songs are quite long, and listening to both Ne, jotka selviävät talvestamme and Tuulenvire should give you a nice overview through a mere half of the album. And follow Syven on Facebook.

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