Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nebelkorona - Tannenhochforst

Genre : Neofolk / Ambient

Nebelkorona deliver quite a surprising sound, close to the dark ambient genre. Imagine some deep melodies, guitars, pianos and synths mixed into repetitive layers, and low vocals, almost spoken words at times. Vocals have quite a big reverb, turning the solo singing to some choir-sound at some point, and lyrics are in German. However, this recipe successfully creates a melancholic and deep atmosphere, and the melodies are beautiful, to say the least. On top of this, there is some drumming which takes part into the mix. Definitely not insane blast beats, just some ryhthm line in the arrangement. But that makes this release tend to some epic feeling, which adds a lot to the atmosphere. Something that deserves a listen if you enjoy melancholic and epic neofolk.

Check out Sonnenhall and Waldzauber to get into it. And follow Nebelkorona on Facebook.

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