Saturday, December 10, 2011

Draumar - Ein Wintermärchen

Genre : Instrumental ambient / Black metal

Ein Wintermärchen is mostly an instrumental release, with a vast majority of ambient parts using electronics, pianos, and deep synths lines. The other side of that release is a frostbitten black metal with very few lyrics, only a couple shrieks from time to time. The result is a successfully cold atmosphere. Even though it may become repetitive at times, pianos are the first thing that prevents the album from being boring. The melodic lines are beautiful and inspired, and they really make a great ambient, melancholic work. This album gets a good point at being quite unusual too, using dark ambient in front of metal influences, those latters still being efficient and well-done. A nice atmospheric work.

Check out Part IV and Part II. And follow Draumar on Facebook.

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