Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jakob - Solace

Genre : Instrumental post-rock / Drone
Release : September 11th 2006.

Jakob holds a special place when it comes to so-called "ethereal soundscapes". They're for sure my favorite post-rock outlet at the moment. Solace is their last release, even though it's been out long ago, in 2006. There's a new album to come in 2014, which title hasn't been revealed yet. Needless to say I'm eager for it, but at the moment, I keep on playing this one, and that's definitely not a bad thing.

Words are hard to find to describe such an album, and post-rock is even more difficult to put into words than other genres. However, what still amazes me in Jakob's playing style are the sounds Jeff is able to create with his guitar and of course, his impressive pedalboard. Ambient sounds thus created are different from track to track but most of the time, they sound closer to synths than actual guitars, while keeping the warmness of strings. Definitely not something you can express with words, check out 'Saint' in the playlist above if you want a taste of this. Apart from those stunning sounds, Jakob uses more drone-esque guitars, as heard on 'Oran Mor', and those more aggressive parts are cleverly placed to break any excess of monotony. Bass lines are powerful and perfectly balanced in the mix. Again, you can check out 'Pneumonic' to hear its loudness/goodness. Drums are mostly moving along with the strings but with technicity and intensity. Solace is a great album as a whole too : the balance between chillout parts and punchier ones is well found and let those intense moments express all their potential.

Jakob's most recent output is surely something hard to describe with words. Instrumental albums are obviously something which doesn't need any words to express their contents, and all I can say as a conclusion is to listen carefully to this masterpiece. It's not something you will just play as a background, it's not music meant to be only "heard" even if its atmospheric mood makes it fine for that role. This album deserves a real listen. Did I say one real listen? I meant many.

Personal highlights : Everything all of the time, Saint.
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  1. I like it ! Jakob creates a beautiful melancholic atmosphere. It makes me dream.