Sunday, October 7, 2012

Folkvang - Atmospheric black

Genre : Atmospheric black metal

Atmospheric black is definitely atmospheric black. That, is not a surprise. But what you've got here is some of the most underrated bands I've ever listened to. Underrated, because they're (he is, actually) really unpopular, and because it's some really awesome stuff. Songs are definitely built an ambient way, with a big wall of sound on the background, distant shrieking vocals, ethereal blastbeating... But Folkvang wouldn't be much without those spectacular melodies it includes. Most of the time, melodies are melted in the background, inside the wall of sound, a clever way. All in all, this release is a blast, because of great atmospheres and repetitive, yet stunning soundscapes. Blackness played a relaxing way, definitely, and Folkvang proves that black metal is not necessarily violent.

Personal highlights : The home among the stars, Back to the roots.

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