Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Panopticon - Kentucky

Genre : Folk black metal

To tell you the very truth, I wasn't really fond of Panopticon before. Sure I enjoyed the last opus, Social disservices, yet... there was something too blackish and not enough atmospheric for me. And that wasn't really "folk black" before, you'd agree. However, Kentucky is a big surprise. A good one. An excellent one! This album is just a masterpiece, because it's so complete. Full of folk, traditional american melodies with a nordic touch, with some top-notch black metal, each sharing its place with the other perfectly. No seriously, aside from any skill, it's just perfectly balanced in every possible way. But skill is there too. Melodies are catchy and awesome, vocals are deep and rich, well... And did I told you about the thematic? Songs just fit so much with each other, and... Please, allow me to stop. I could congratulate this all night long and it'd be pointless, since you're going to listen to it, and love it.

Check out Black soot and red blood and Bodies under the falls, yet be sure you will enjoy the awesome fully folkish interludes in the album. You won't regret. And follow Panopticon on Facebook.

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