Friday, May 11, 2012

Hypomanie - Calm down, you weren't set on fire

Genre : Instrumental post-metal / Shoegaze

What's nice here is that Hypomanie sticked to its instrumental sound. And what a sound my friends! I guess most of you already listened to the previous album (maybe this one too, heh), and new one is just as good, yet in a different vein. Calm down, you weren't set on fire is actually quite calm, yes. It's definitely lighter post-metal. Walls of sound are still here, still as powerful, drumming lines are once again a huge strength, as they're totally catchy. That sound is light, dreamy, ethereal by any means. Melodies are built inside the wall of sound, giving a serious coherence to the songs. Well, by now this kind of sound is quite "popular" among that scene, just because many bands tried that thing called "blackgaze". However, Hypomanie are still masters of that recipe. A superb release, full of dreamy atmosphere.

Oh well, maybe you want some previews? Here you go, with opener 19 stars and the sweet smell of cinnamon and Lullabye for Ian. And follow Hypomanie on Facebook.

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